MidLink M7/M8 Toll Plaza

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MidLink?

MidLink M7/M8 Ltd (‘MidLink’) is the company established to carry out Operations and Maintenance responsibilities on the M7/M8 Portlaoise Motorway PPP Scheme on behalf of the concession company Celtic Roads Group (Portlaoise) Ltd. MidLink is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of all elements of the project road and the operation of the Portlaoise Toll Plaza

Who is CRG?

CRG (Celtic Roads Group) is an international consortium of companies who came together to bid for road construction projects under the Irish Government’s National Development Plan (NDP), 2000-2006. The NDP allowed for a Public Private Partnership Programme (PPP) to fund the construction of several infrastructure projects. CRG was successful in securing three of the ten PPP roads projects which the NRA put out to tender, namely the M1 Dundalk Western By-pass, the N25 Waterford City By-Pass and M7/M8 Portlaoise Motorway Project.

What is a PPP?

Public Private Partnership (PPP) schemes have been and continue to be used successfully throughout the world as a means of providing and servicing a high standard of infrastructure. At the heart of the PPP approach is the concept that better value for money can be achieved through the utilisation of private sector enterprise due to the enhanced scope for innovation and by allocating the risk to the party best able to manage it. And also, importantly, in a national context, the injection of private finance will accelerate the delivery of the public capital programme.

Where is the Toll Plaza Located?

The Toll Plaza is in the townland of Fatharnagh, close to the river Cappanacloghly, north of the motorway interchange.

What is Electronic Toll Collection?

Electronic toll collection allows motorists to pay their toll fare electronically thereby saving time at the toll plaza. Electronic toll collection uses a small electronic tag which is placed in the vehicle and is detected each time the vehicle passes through the plaza. The toll is then debited to the customer’s account. Electronic toll collection is available in all lanes at the toll plaza. “Interoperability” of electronic toll collection was established in 2007 and enables the road user to pay the toll fare at any toll plaza in the Republic by using an electronic tag supplied by any of the service providers in the Republic. The Portlaoise Motorway toll plaza will accept payment by valid electronic tag issued by any of the service providers in the Republic.

Where can I get an electronic tag?

There are a number of companies in Ireland providing electronic tags to motorists. Please click here to see a list of electronic tag providers from which you can choose a service offering that suits you.

What are the toll rates for the M7/M8 Motorway?

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